3 Reasons You Aren’t Where You Want to Be


Have you ever stopped to look at your life, and where you are, and thought; “I figured I’d be further along by now.”? Have you ever felt like you aren’t making the progress you know you are capable of? I know I have.

Whenever I face times like this, I try to figure out why. What is it that others seem to make more progress while I feel like I’m spinning my wheels? Are they luckier? Are they more skilled? Do they have something special I just don’t have?

In some ways, it would be easier if these were the reasons, but when I’m willing to be honest with myself I know that any time I’m not living up to my potential, it is entirely my fault. Over the years, here are the top 3 things I have found hold me back, maybe they are holding you back too.


  1. Not believing in yourself:

No one lives without self-doubt. When your confidence wanes, it is easy to assume you are alone in those feelings. You may believe that everyone else “has it all together” and you are the only one who has times where they feel like a fraud or feels like you don’t have what it takes to realize your goals.

The truth is that everyone deals with those feelings. You aren’t special. That person you admire and look up to; the one who seems to have life all figured out, they have the same doubts you do. They wake every day and have to face the person in the mirror just like you do. The only difference between you is that they choose to believe in themselves despite the doubts.

  1. Busy being busy:

I’ve been here more times than I’d like to admit. It’s easy to fill our schedules. I don’t know anyone who isn’t busy, do you? No one seems to have enough time. Our schedules are packed, but the questions is, what are the packed with? What are you doing with during all of that time? What are you producing? What are the results of all of your ‘busy-ness”?

If you aren’t where you want to be, perhaps it is because despite your ‘busy-ness” you aren’t actually getting much important done. Are you using your time well? Are you accomplishing what you set out to do, or are you just busy being busy?


Time and energy are your two most powerful resources. They are also the most finite. You can’t get more of either one, use them well.

  1. Thinking You Have Time

Most of us will get 75-80 years on this planet. That’s what the statistics say. That sounds like a long time. It even feels like a long time, when we compare it to a long work day or one of those rough weeks that never seems to end.


The reality though, is that time passes quickly. If we live believing that we will always have more time, we are at risk of wasting that time. It is not only powerful but healthy, to remember that our time is finite. Get busy doing what you want to do.

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