6 Things to Quit in 2016

Well the New Year is here. It’s 2016. The parties are over and it’s time to get back to work. My question for you is, what are you going to do differently in 2016 to make it better than 2015? Typically we think about new things to start doing in the new year: start going to the gym, start eating better etc. That’s all great. But sometimes, the thing you need to to do to make progress, is not to start something but to stop. Sometimes you have to cut out the things that are not supporting the life you want to live.

Here then  are my 6 things to Quit Doing in 2016:

  1. Being a Victim
    The economy isn’t what it used to be, the government doesn’t do what you’d like, and your boss is a jerk. I’m sorry parts of your life are not ideal, but get over it. Nobody’s life is perfect. Join the crowd.There are problems in your life. You have obstacles and challenges and they are real. You can let your challenges define you, or you can let your response to your challenges define you. Which will it be?
  2. Worrying
    Nothing, absolutely nothing, will rob you of peace and joy quicker than worry. When you have a habit of worry (about the future, the economy, your family, your finances etc) you take on undo stress, burn yourself out, and have less time and energy for the things that really matter.Try a worry free trial. Take 7 days and every time you catch yourself worrying about something, turn your attention to something else. The more you practice being worry free, the more natural it will be. The less you worry, the better your life will be.
  3. Caring what other people think
    It’s perfectly natural and healthy to value the opinions of some key people in your life. If you didn’t care about what a single other person thought, you’d be a sociopath. But for most of us, that isn’t the danger.The danger in our social media culture is that we start to care too much about the opinions of everyone. We start to put value on the thoughts of people we barely even know. This is a trap. You will never impress everyone, and even if you could, linking your happiness to the opinions of others will always result in failure, so stop it. If you have to quit Facebook so you can detach from your desire for “likes”, do it. The less you care about the opinions of others, the happier you will be.
  4. Defining Yourself By Your Mistakes
    You have screwed up, but you are not a screw up. You have failed but you are not a failure. You have made mistakes, but you are not a mistake. Stop letting the worst parts of yourself and your past define who you are.The person you most admire is not perfect. They may look like it from the outside, but I promise you they aren’t. So stop letting what’s “wrong” with you become what you focus on most.
  5. Thinking Small
    You are capable of more than you think. I know this because I know that you have been taught for years, in school and society as a whole, that you should be “reasonable” in your expectations. You’ve been taught to set reasonable and attainable goals, and so you set goals that are beneath your true capabilities.Here’s the problem with the “reasonable” goals, they produce “reasonable” results.

    No one ever achieved something amazing by setting a reasonable goal. The world will not be made better by people who are reasonable. Great companies, world-changing movements, breakthrough inventions were not created by people who dreamed small dreams. Start thinking bigger.

  6. Complaining
    Complainers don’t win and winners don’t complain. It’s that simple.It’s not that people who seem to have a great life have nothing to complain about, it’s that they choose not to complain about those things because they know that complaining is just speaking negativity into their lives.

Those are my 6 things to quit doing in 2016. What are yours? Share the 1 thing (from my list, or your own) that you will quit doing to make 2016 better than 2015.

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