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Are You More Resilient Than You Think?

Imagine you and your favourite colleague were both fired tomorrow. What would you do? What thoughts would you have? What actions would you take? How would it affect your mood and your self-esteem? How long would it take you to get back into the workforce? How long would it take for you to feel like […]

Are You Stuck in the Past or Focused on the Future?

Where do you spend most of your time? Are you more likely to be thinking about the past, the present or the future? There has been a lot said in the last few years about the importance of living in the present, and I agree. In fact, I have an entire module in my work […]

Stop Solving New Problems with Old Solutions

My son inspired me today. For a while I’ve noticed that when he plays with his cars (he is one and a half) he pushes them in a different way from anything I have ever seen before. Rather than holding the car at the top and swinging his hand in a sort of pendulum motion, […]

Stop Getting Frustrated! This Will Make You Better

Are you a patient person? If you are honest, that is probably a tough question. If you asked me, I would have to answer that sometimes I am patient, and other times I am hopelessly impatient. Sometimes, I am even impatient with myself about my lack of patience! As much as a struggle to be […]

Make This Simple Change and Your Life Will Be So Much Better

  The internet is full of over-hyped promises, so I try to stay away from grand statements and exaggerated promises. I prefer to try to under-promise and over-deliver in whatever I do. So, when I tell you that something has the potential to make a big impact in your life, you can take it seriously, […]

Why You Should be Writing Down Your Goals

What is YOUR goal? There are a lot of inspiring stories out there about people setting and achieving amazing goals in their personal and professional lives. One of my favourites is about movie star Jim Carey. The story goes that when Jim Carey was getting started as an actor, he faced repeated rejection (as most […]

Sometimes, the Best Way to Move Forward, is to Look Back

It’s been said that you can never know where you’re going until you truly know where you’ve been. In a few weeks 2018 will be here. You may have already started your annual planning, looking ahead to what you want to accomplish in the following year. Unfortunately, many of us are so focused on moving […]

How to Build Toughness in 3 Steps

What separates those who succeed from the rest is inner strength. I have been able to achieve some things that I credit mostly to an ability to block out pain and discomfort, and pursue the goal with single-minded determination. Here’s a discouraging, but true fact, the world does not want you to succeed; at least […]

Stand Out from the Crowd: How to Be Excellent in the Ordinary

What does it mean to be excellent? Merriam-Webster defines it this way: very good of it’s kind; eminently good. Does that describe you? Are you excellent? Are you “eminently good” at what you do? Most people I know are would never talk about themselves in this way.  They consider themselves to be just “ordinary”. That’s […]

You Have to Get Out of the Way of Your Success

This week’s post is about the greatest obstacles you will ever face on the road to success. It’s an obstacle that is especially frightening because it can be so stealthy, you won’t even realize that it’s impeding your progress. That obstacle, is you! Whether your goals are personal or professional, whether you’re working at becoming […]