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You Have It In You: 3 Ways to Practice Your Resilience

Resilience means not only surviving adversity but thriving through it. Adversity comes in many forms. It can be as innocuous as a traffic jam or as devastating as horrible medical diagnosis. Each situation calls for resilience in varying degrees. The traffic jam may simply require a few deep breaths and a good song on the […]

Stop! You Don’t Need More Advice, You Need More Accountability

Have you ever reached the end of your day, looked at your to-do list, and wondered why you didn’t have more crossed off your list? Have you ever reached the end of the year and wondered where the time went and why you hadn’t accomplished more? If you answered yes to either of those questions, […]

Do You Know What You Will do This Summer?

In 23 days, summer will begin. That’s right, there are just three weeks remaining the season of rest and relaxation begin. Kids are out from school, the weather is nice, meals are done on the BBQ and millions will take their holidays. The summer is time for rest and relaxation and rightfully so. You’ve worked […]

The 1 Time Procrastination Makes You More Successful

Sacrifice and discipline… two words that make many of us want to run. For most people, there is nothing positive about sacrifice or discipline, after all, who wants to give anything up or deny themselves? As human beings we have an innate tendency to seek out pleasure and avoid pain, add to that the fact […]

Sorry, There is NO App for This

Most of us live lives of incredible convenience. If you compare your day to those in poorer parts of the world, or to your parents and grandparents a generation or two ago, you’ll see tremendous differences in the level of ease and convenience. We drive cars with so much safety and technology built into them, […]

Stand Out from the Crowd: How to Be Excellent in the Ordinary

What does it mean to be excellent? Merriam-Webster defines it this way: very good of it’s kind; eminently good. Does that describe you? Are you excellent? Are you “eminently good” at what you do? Most people I know are would never talk about themselves in this way.  They consider themselves to be just “ordinary”. That’s […]

Why You Should Make the Gratitude Switch… And How to Do It

Your life is full of obligations. You have obligations at home like caring for family and your partner, paying the bills, cooking, cleaning, and paying taxes. You have obligations at work: showing up on time, following the boss’ orders, reaching quotas and meeting deadlines.   Your doctor may have obligations for you too like: eat […]

Want to be Happy? 7 Proven Ways to be Happier

This blog has one focus; resilience. Resilience is the ability to effectively deal with change and adversity. But to what end? Why do you want to be able to handle change and adversity effectively? The same reason you do every single thing in your life: to be happier. If there is a single thing that […]

How to Find Calm in the Storm

It was easy to be happy there. Last week my wife and I took our 3 kids to Florida to spend a week with our friends, two other young families. We had a great time! It was sunny and warm nearly every day. It was a wonderful respite from the cold, dark, winter here in […]

Why Being in Shape Matters

I felt beat this morning. Have you ever had a morning where you woke up and everything ached? That was today for me. Given that fact, I felt justified in not following through today, and I almost didn’t. For the last two or three months, my wife and I have renewed a serious commitment to […]