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What is Wisdom Worth?

King Solomon inherited the throne from his father, King David, at a young age. He knew that because of his lack of experience, he didn’t have the knowledge required to govern his kingdom as he should. One night he has a dream where he speaks with God. God tells Solomon that because of his service […]

Do You Know What You Will do This Summer?

In 23 days, summer will begin. That’s right, there are just three weeks remaining the season of rest and relaxation begin. Kids are out from school, the weather is nice, meals are done on the BBQ and millions will take their holidays. The summer is time for rest and relaxation and rightfully so. You’ve worked […]

Stop Getting Frustrated! This Will Make You Better

Are you a patient person? If you are honest, that is probably a tough question. If you asked me, I would have to answer that sometimes I am patient, and other times I am hopelessly impatient. Sometimes, I am even impatient with myself about my lack of patience! As much as a struggle to be […]

Resistance is Utile

It was just a few more pounds. You wouldn’t think I’d even notice, but I did. I bumped up the weight in my workout this morning, and even though it was an increase of just a few pounds, I noticed it. I had to work just a bit harder to complete the set, and that […]

Success Is Hard, But It Is Not Complicated

Success is not complicated. Despite the myriad of books, articles, seminars and trainings available to teach you how to be successful in life, business, relationships, and virtually anything you can think of, success in any discipline comes down to a few fundamentals. Master those, and you stand a strong chance of succeeding. Omit even one […]

Why You Should be Writing Down Your Goals

What is YOUR goal? There are a lot of inspiring stories out there about people setting and achieving amazing goals in their personal and professional lives. One of my favourites is about movie star Jim Carey. The story goes that when Jim Carey was getting started as an actor, he faced repeated rejection (as most […]

Sorry, There is NO App for This

Most of us live lives of incredible convenience. If you compare your day to those in poorer parts of the world, or to your parents and grandparents a generation or two ago, you’ll see tremendous differences in the level of ease and convenience. We drive cars with so much safety and technology built into them, […]

Growth Requires Risk. How to Make Yours Intelligent Risks.

Everyone wants to grow. We all want to: improve, progress, and evolve, right? We are now exactly 5 weeks from New Year’s Day. You may have already started to plan for 2018 and set your goals. No matter what will be on your New Year’s resolution list though, one thing is certain, if you want […]

How to Find Calm in the Storm

It was easy to be happy there. Last week my wife and I took our 3 kids to Florida to spend a week with our friends, two other young families. We had a great time! It was sunny and warm nearly every day. It was a wonderful respite from the cold, dark, winter here in […]

3 Tips to Be Confident Without Being Arrogant

Have you ever met someone who oozed confidence? Not arrogance or conceit, but strong, assured, confidence? It is an attractive quality, and one of the rarest. In our social-media culture, where people seem obsessed about their own greatness, one would think confidence would be abundant. I suspect the opposite is true. People who have a […]