Make This Simple Change and Your Life Will Be So Much Better


The internet is full of over-hyped promises, so I try to stay away from grand statements and exaggerated promises. I prefer to try to under-promise and over-deliver in whatever I do. So, when I tell you that something has the potential to make a big impact in your life, you can take it seriously, and the simple shift I share in today’s blog can quite literally transform everything in your life.


I know that sounds unbelievable. When you hear what it is, and realize how simple it is to do, you may doubt it even more, but trust me. If you can make this one change in your life, you will be blown away by the impact it makes.


So what is this amazing secret? What is it that you can decide to do RIGHT NOW that can transform every element in your life going forward from this day forward?


Move from a “have to” mindset to a “get to” mindset.

What does that mean?


Most of us go through our days, and even our lives, in a “have to” mindset. We say things like:

  • “I have to go to work this morning”
  • “I have to exercise today” and
  • “I have to pick up the kids from school”


Typically, we don’t give much thought to this way of phrasing things. It is simply the way we speak. Or so we think. If you take a closer look however, there is an underlying implication to the words “have to” have a negative impact on us. The word “have” in this context denotes obligation. We say “have to” to indicate something that we don’t have a choice in. By saying we “have to” do something, we are also saying we don’t have a choice.

Since most people highly value personal freedom, and don’t like being told what they can, and can’t do, most of us have a natural aversion to things we “have to” do. We prefer the things we “get to” do. Think about it, most of us do the things we “have to” do, so that we are able to do things we “get to” do.

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We “have to” go to work so that we “get to” go on vacation or retire or pay the bills. We “have to” eat healthy so that we “get to” live longer.  We “have to” clean our home so that we “get to” enjoy the space without being overrun by mess.


We do the “have to” things in our lives in order to be able to experience the “get to” things.

The problem with this way of living is that we tend to frame most of our activities as “have to” an only a few as “get to” and so we spend our lives rushing through all of the “have to” moments and waiting for the few “get to” moments.
What would happen then, if you started to frame EVERYTHING in your life as a “get to”? I call it the Gratitude Flip”.


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What if you flipped the script in your head that says work is something you “have to” do, and decided it was something you “get to” do? After all, at this moment many people are unemployed, or underemployed. No matter how difficult or dull you may find your work, someone without a job would likely relish the opportunity to go to work every day and  earn a living.


Instead of thinking I “have to” exercise because I know I should, or my doctor told me to, think I “get to” exercise. I am physically able to. There are many people who would love to be physically active but due to disability or age, are not able to.

Instead of thinking that you “have to” eat more salad and less junk food, what if you thought “I get to” to eat healthy foods. There are many people who cannot afford to eat healthily.


When you make this simple change in the way you think and speak, I promise you will see immediate results. You will notice a difference in how you approach tasks. Things that you once dreaded won’t seem so bad, and the number of things you look forward to will increase.


How can you change a “have to” task into a “get to” task today?


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