Choose the Good

There are always reasons to be discouraged and depressed. It only takes a few minutes of watching the news, or scrolling your social media feed, to find a reason to cry. The world is a messy, violent, and sometimes cruel, place. Yet, life becomes a long and unenjoyable experience if we allow those things keep us in that negative place. Most of us know that if we are going to find any level of enjoyment and peace in our lives, we have to find a way to be positive, despite what may be going on around us.


We all know that it serves us better if we strive to live in a positive state instead. But how? Very simply, you have to learn the habit of choosing the good.

learn the habit of choosing the good

Now let’s be very clear, this does not mean that you should pretend to live like a naïve child and pretend that the world is a perfect, wonderful, place. This kind of blind positivity depends on denial. Pretending that the world is Eden, when it clearly isn’t, is building your life on a faulty foundation that will inevitably crumble. In the movies, the underdog always wins, and the bad guys always lose, but it doesn’t take much life experience to realize that it doesn’t always work that way in the “real world”.


I had the pleasure to meet a true hero about a year ago. Becca Schofield, a teenager diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, captured the heart of everyone who encountered her. Always smiling and positive, Becca became accidentally famous when she asked people to do acts of kindness in her name and started a hashtag movement called #beccatoldmeto.

Initially the hashtag and the idea were a regional good news story, but before long it caught on, and eventually created an global sensation. By the end, people all over the world were doing good deeds in the name of a teenager from a small town in Riverview, NB, Canada.


If this were a movie, it would end with Becca’s cancer being cured and people all over the world celebrating her perseverance. Sadly, this past weekend, Becca passed away. Life isn’t like the movies. Sometimes, the hero dies.


Yet, if we choose, we can still find the good in a tragic story. While Becca’s life ended far too soon, she made an impact that many don’t’ have in a lifetime of eighty or ninety years. While most people her age are focussed on themselves, Becca chose to make her journey about helping others. As a result, her instruction to do a random act of kindness was been adopted by thousands of people. Is the world a better place because Becca was in it? Without a doubt!


No matter what happens in our lives and in the world, we always have the choice of what we will focus on. Becca chose to focus on the good and helping others and as a result, she was recognized by her city and province with high honours. More importantly, she made a tremendously positive impact in the world and she will be remembered for a very long time.


As you go through this week, and you encounter good and bad, choose the good, and see how it impacts your life.

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