Do You Know What You Will do This Summer?

In 23 days, summer will begin. That’s right, there are just three weeks remaining the season of rest and relaxation begin. Kids are out from school, the weather is nice, meals are done on the BBQ and millions will take their holidays.

The summer is time for rest and relaxation and rightfully so. You’ve worked hard for the first half of the year and you deserve a break. But is that all you want out of your summer? If you’re like me, a break is nice, but it is even better when you have something to show for your time when the season is over. Will your summer simply be a time to kick your feet up and do nothing? Or will you take on a project and use this time to accomplish something significant?

My experience has been that without a plan, I tend to spend my holidays very unproductively. While there is a place for that, I often get to the end of the summer and wish I had something more to show for my time. I wish I had focused on a particular goal or project so that when September arrives, I have accomplished something I can be proud of.

I wish I had focused on a particular goal or project so that when September arrives, I have accomplished something I can be proud of.

This year I am being very intentional about my summer and I have created an action plan to make sure that I get some serious work accomplished. I can’t wait to get started and I’ve even come up with a way that you can benefit (read on for details).

To ensure a productive summer, I’ve come up with a simple, but powerful, structure to ensure that I get done what I want to do:

1. Focus: One of my favourite pieces of wisdom is a proverb often attributed to Confucius but likely originated before him, “he who chases two rabbits catches neither.” I love it because it beautifully illustrates what I see most of us, including myself, doing too often. We are so distracted by the multitude of obligations and opportunities in our lives that we try to “chase two rabbits” and then we wonder why we aren’t making the progress we want.

“he who chases two rabbits catches neither.” – proverb

The first pillar of my summer plan is focus. One goal. One project. Twelve weeks of focused work. I know the progress will be tremendous.

2. Consistency: Working hard is critical to success but if you only work hard for a short period of time you won’t see the results you want. People often quit diets and exercise programs because they expect results too quickly. They work on it for a week, step on the scale, see a disappointing number, and decide it isn’t worth the effort. Those who make significant progress with their weight, or any other goal, do so because they stick with it. They execute consistently over a long period of time.

3. Accountability: Most of us will postpone, delay, or completely avoid, doing things we know we should do until it’s impossible to ignore anymore. In 2017, nearly a quarter of Americans filed their taxes within 2 weeks of the deadline. What about the things we don’t have to do like a dream we have for ourselves? If there is no consequence to not doing it, chances are good it won’t get done.

So how to do you motivate yourself to help yourself get things done on time, or at all? Accountability. This summer, I’m making sure that I have built-in accountability to force me to do the work I know I need to get done. How? Read on to learn about a special program I am launching called “The Summer of Success” by clicking here.

I hope these three tips help you to be more accountable to yourself and make sure you get the most out of summer that you can.

If you are interested in learning about the special project I’ve created to make sure that I get something incredible accomplished this summer, and how I’m going to help others do the same, CLICK HERE for more information.