Striving to be excellent is SUPPOSED to be hard?
    You could THRIVE while others struggle to survive?
    You stopped COMPLAINING about your obstacles and
    Started CELEBRATING your opportunities

    Mark Black
  • "We have had many good speakers over the years. Mark Black was among the best"
    - John White President, Winmar

    "Mark had clearly done his homework on our association."
    - Darrin Greenlee, Past President, ADRP

    "Sometimes speakers do little more than entertain, but he also provided tangible strategies and concepts that people could APPLY immediately which is even more valuable."
    - Dan Fougere, Regional Sales Director, AstraZeneca

    Mark Black

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We live in an age of perpetual change. Those who try to avoid the change, or bury their heads in the sand, will become obsolete. Those who dare to innovate and adapt will dominate their markets. Which are you?

The organizations who will thrive in the next decade are those focused on seeking the numerous opportunities these times will create, rather than looking back toward a time when things were simpler.

Using his powerful experience dealing with the continual threat of death, Mark delivers life-changing insights into how to cope effectively with the adversity of change, and turn it into a catalyst for innovation and growth. Mark will help your organization to stop wasting time trying to bring back the "good old days" and focus on fostering a new way of looking at change.

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