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Audio / Visual Requirements

  • Wireless Lavaliere clip-on or “over the ear” microphone with fresh batteries
  • LCD projector and large screen positioned off center or rear projection
  • Audio cord to connect Mark’s computer to the event sound system
  • Table near the exit for book signing
  • 2 Bottles of water
  • Riser (2 or 3 foot) for audiences greater than 50 people

Biography / Introduction / Photos

  • Biography for program/website [Download PDF]
  • Introduction to be read before Mark goes on stage [Download the PDF]
  • Headshot for your program / website / promotional material [Click the image to download]

   Headshot Brick Best





Room Setup Suggestions / Tips

  1. Use additional light sources for presenter. Studies prove that when the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted.
  2. Riser (2 or 3 foot) for audiences greater than 50 people. Mark is 4’11”. Without a riser, those sitting at the back of larger groups will struggle to see.
  3. Keep the front row as close to the riser as is possibly comfortable. This facilitates a better connection between Mark and your audience
  4. Hotels tend to set up rooms in two straight rows with a large aisle in the middle. If you have the choice, use two aisles and split the room into 3 sections. This greatly improves the energy in the room.
  5. Playing music before the program begins is a great way to increase energy in the room. Mark has a pre-program set of music he can play from his laptop.

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