Stop Getting Frustrated! This Will Make You Better

Are you a patient person? If you are honest, that is probably a tough question. If you asked me, I would have to answer that sometimes I am patient, and other times I am hopelessly impatient. Sometimes, I am even impatient with myself about my lack of patience!

As much as a struggle to be patient, I strive for it because I know how incredibly valuable it is. There are few character traits you can develop that will have a greater positive impact on all areas of your life. There are numerous studies to show that patience closely correlates with many of the things we want in life including financial security and maintaining a healthy weight.


Why Patience Matters:

Without patience goal-setting is pointless. If you can’t be patient, you will never be able to stay focused long enough to accomplish anything of significance. Few things of value come instantly. It takes focused effort over time to get results. If you want significant results in your life, you will also have to develop the patience.

Suppose you decide that you want to lose twenty pounds. You’ve known for a while that you should, and now you are ready to commit to do something about it. You set a goal to lose twenty pounds. You consult with a dietician and a trainer and create a meal plan and exercise program to help you achieve your goal.  You follow the meal plan and exercise program for five days and then you weigh yourself, and you’ve lost 3 pounds. What happens now?

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If you are an impatient person, you get frustrated by your lack of immediate results, and quit. “There is no point” you reason. “I wanted to lose twenty pounds and I’ve only lost 3! This isn’t working, why waste my time?”.

While this is an exaggeration to make my point, we do this sort of thing often. As technology has improved and our lives become more and more convenient, we have become increasingly impatient. Obviously, it takes more than a week to lose twenty pounds, and yet as we become more accustomed to getting results quickly, it is easy to expect quick results.


How to Develop Patience:
Assuming you believe patience is an important quality to have, how do you go about developing it? Here are a few tips I hope will help: 

  1. Practice: This is the essential step, you have to practice your patience. Your patience will grow most in the situations in which it is most tested. If you want to be more patient then, allow yourself to experience situations that make you impatient. Wait calmly in a line rather than getting frustrated. Listen and wait to speak rather than being the first person to jump into a conversation.
  2. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: We live lives that are relatively painless compared to those of people just a few generations ago. Can you imagine your great grandparents watching you order something on Amazon and seeing it appear at your door the next day? They would be flabbergasted.

    They would be amazed at ease of sending an email or a text. These were people who were used to communicating by letters and telegrams. Yet we get frustrated when someone takes twenty minutes to respond to our text message. We easily take these conveniences for granted, and we get so used to our comfort that we come to expect it.

    It is okay to be uncomfortable. In fact, sometimes it’s a very good thing.

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  1. Re-Frame It: Patience can be hard when we think of it as something we “should” be. When you think that you should be more patient because it’s the right thing to do, it becomes an obligation. We tend to resist, or at least slightly resent, obligations. What if you began to see patience as a great tool? What if you saw developing your patience like “training” for success? There is plenty of data to show that the ability to delay gratification is closely correlated with success. The more patient you can be, the more successful you will be. In a real way, developing patience is training for a more successful life.


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When you are in sitting in traffic tonight on the way home from work, resist the urge to get frustrated. Remember, this is an opportunity to practice patience. You are becoming more successful with every minute that you remain calm and don’t allow the traffic to bother you.

What do you do to practice your patience?

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