Suck It Up Princess

The title of this phrase is a phrase my friends and I used often with each other throughout our college years. When someone was whining and complaining about an assignment they had to do, an exam they had to prepare for, or any other work that they wanted to postpone, our “caring” and “loving” response was most often “suck it up princess”.

To some that probably comes off as being a little harsh. After all, aren’t friends supposed to be supportive of each other? Of course they are. And when someone really needed support and a shoulder to cry on, we were there for each other.

More often than not, a complaint to a friend about this or that isn’t so much a plea for sympathy as it is a chance to vent. Most often, as people, we just want to be heard and so we would let our friends vent, and then, when they were done, we’d remind them that if they wanted things to get better, they’d better get off their butt and do something about it. They’d better, “suck it up”.

Self pity is a sure road to a life of misery and lost potential. Those who fall into the trap of continuously feeling sorry for themselves will never become what they could be because they will be too focused on the dozens of reasons they have for NOT doing things.

The fact is, we all have dozens of reasons for not becoming what we can be. Those who are able to realize their potential and make a positive contribution to the world aren’t immune from the challenges of life. Those people simply make a choice not to live in a place of being a victim. They chose to suck it up and move on and I would encourage you to do the same.

I realize that to some reading this, the philosophy I’m espousing here may seem cold and unsympathetic. And if you feel that way, honestly… too bad. I AM unsympathetic in many ways to the complaints and “trials” of many people. I am NOT unsympathetic to those with legitimate trials and challenges in life. And there are many who fall into this category.

If you are battling a chronic illness, have severe financial struggles or are dealing with death, depression or some other significant loss, than my heart truly does go out to you. But for those with complaints that: “the economy is too tough for me to succeed”, “that it’s just to hard to eat right and take care of myself”, that “I’m too busy to find time to spend with those I love”, that “the world just isn’t fair and everyone is out to get me”, I have just three words: “suck. it. up.”

If you want to be what you can, and ultimately were meant, to be in this world, then you have to get tough. You have to become unwilling to bow to the pressure and not allow yourself to wallow in self-pity and excuses and instead, suck it up, move on, and get about the business of living life.


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