What is Wisdom Worth?

King Solomon inherited the throne from his father, King David, at a young age. He knew that because of his lack of experience, he didn’t have the knowledge required to govern his kingdom as he should.

One night he has a dream where he speaks with God. God tells Solomon that because of his service and that of his father, God will grant him anything he asks. What would you do?

It doesn’t matter what your faith is here, let’s just assume you have the opportunity to have one wish granted, what would you ask for?

If you had the opportunity to have one wish granted, what would you ask for?

Most people would ask for wealth or power, or maybe fame, but Solomon doesn’t ask for any of those things. Instead, Solomon says, “So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong.”

Solomon had the opportunity to ask for as much money, power or fame as he could ever desire, and presumably, he would have received it. But instead, Solomon asks for wisdom. He values wisdom above all of the other things that he could have asked for. Why do you suppose that it? What is it about wisdom that Solomon finds so valuable?

I can’t say for sure exactly what Solomon was thinking at that moment, but I suspect that he realized that wisdom was the most important pre-requisite to being an effective King. He knew that power would come with being the King and as would wealth. He also knew that without wisdom, he wouldn’t be an effective King and therefore, would not likely have any of the other things he wanted either.

So what is wisdom worth to you? Are you investing in our own wisdom? Are you making yourself wiser by studying, reading and learning from your past experiences? Do you see the elderly in your life as fonts of valuable wisdom, or as people passed their prime and ready for the retirement home?
Wisdom is what will help you to make the right decisions when the right course of action isn’t obvious. It’s what will separate you from your competition and what will allow you to find the correct balance in your life. Seek it first. If you do, I suspect, like Solomon, everything else you seek will come to you as well.