Why It’s Called Extra’ordinary’

In today’s society we’re continuously bombarded by advertisers to pursue the exciting. We want to live a life that’s constantly on the edge, exciting, full of parties and fun. And there’s nothing wrong with a full and exciting life. After all, we’re only here for a short time, no need to make it boring. However, I think these messages we’re confronted with can blind us to the value and beauty of the ordinary.

When I was sick in hospital for six months waiting for a transplant I learned several valuable lessons but perhaps the most important one was the beauty and value of the ordinary. Needless to say there was not a lot of excitement in my days within those four hospital room walls, and yet, there were many very special moments.

My time in hospital showed me that the extraordinary is often found in the ordinary. If we are attuned to them, we can experience many incidents of extraordinary in the quiet, simple, seemingly ordinary moments of life. I experience these when I have a quiet moment feeding my baby son; when my three year old daughter smiles at me and tells me she loves me; and at this time of the year, when I go for a run and look at the beautiful foliage as it begins to change colours.

What are the extraordinary moments in your life that you may be missing? Are you waiting for the BIG times in the life to experience something special? Or are you too busy to notice these extraordinary moments within your daily routine? It’s very easy to skip over a lot of what makes life rich if we allow ourselves to become numb by “busy”ness. I want to encourage you to stop and smell the proverbial roses. Start looking for those extraordinary moment within your ordinary days, and enjoy them. They are there. You just have to notice them.