If there is one message I want to share with everyone I come in contact with, whether au audience I speak to, a reader of my book or blogs, or just friends and family, it would be this;

life is shorter than you think, use it well

Too often we take for granted that we will be around forever. “There is always tomorrow,” we think. The fact is that one day, hopefully, a long time from now, you will run out of tomorrows. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us. And so the time to live life is now.  As I sat in a hospital bed waiting for a transplant, unsure if I would see tomorrow, I spent a lot of time thinking about what really mattered to me and what I really wanted my life to be about. So I am always mindful of the fragility of life and want to be sure that I never take any of it for granted.

So I thought today I would share with you some of my simple pleasures of life. Some are profound, others are rather superficial, even silly, but they are all things that I think we all too easily forget or take for granted, that can enrich your life if you learn to notice and appreciate them.

10. Breath – Yes this is incredibly simple. That’s why it is taken for granted so easily. Being able to breathe easily, without effort, is something most don’t even notice. But waiting for a double-lung transplant,  I met many who would have done anything to be able to breathe easily. Their lives were limited by their inability to do this most basic thing. They were tethered to an oxygen tank in order to do anything and had to plan their lives around ensuring they’d have enough in the tank to get where they needed to go.

So take a nice, big, deep breathe and be thankful for the ability to take in the essence of life, air, without effort. If it’s simple and easy for you to do, that’s wonderful, just be sure to appreciate it.

9. Great Coffee – Okay not specifically coffee, but rather whatever your “coffee” is. Is it that thing you LOVE to eat or drink? That thing that you just say “Ahhh” after having a taste. That thing that makes you nostalgic for the “good old days”.

For me, it’s really good coffee. I drink coffee every day, but every once in a while, I have that special drink and “ahhh” it’s awesome. The next time you are enjoying that special thing for you, take the time to really savour it.  Ahhhhhh….

8. This Moment – We run around so quickly in our lives that it’s easy to forget to be present in life. We can get so caught up in what’s next, that we forget to enjoy what is now. Don’t make this mistake. Savour the moment.

7. A Great Book – I’ll admit that I’m not as voracious a reader as I wish I was, but I still make an effort to read because I think it’s so important, and when I find a book I like, I tend to devour it. Not everyone is able or has access, to read what and how much they want. Not everyone has the freedom of choice to read what they want. So go pick up a great book and enjoy it.

“A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read” – Mark Twain

6.  A Sunny Day – Have you ever woken up to one of those amazing mornings? The sun rises with a brightness and the sky is a tint of blue that seems full of promise and positivity? Every once in a while I stop and notice an amazing sunrise or sunset and can’t help but feel positive and inspired. They are easy to ignore or miss, after all, they happen every day, but they can be truly spectacular. Stop and enjoy one.

I hope you enjoyed these, please leave a comment below and share some of your simple pleasures. I’d love to hear what yours are. Tomorrow I’ll share the top 5. Stay tuned…