Audio / Visual Requirements

1. Wireless lavalier clip-on, or over-the-ear style microphone with fresh batteries. Mark likes to be able to have his hands free if at all possible, however, a cordless handheld microphone will suffice if it is the only option you have.

2. A projector and screen positioned off-centre. Mark travels with his laptop (Macbook) and the appropriate adapters.

3. Audio cord to connect Mark’s laptop to your sound system. Mark has audio built into his slides (that he controls from his remote). There is no need for a sound person to adjust the sound once the sound check is completed.

4. A table near the entrance / exit for Mark to sign books and take photos with those who are interested. (Books can be purchased at a bulk discount when ordering more than 50 copies).

5. 2 Bottles of water somewhere on the stage.

Room Set-up Tips

1. Use additional light sources for presenter. Studies prove that when the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted.

2. Riser (2 or 3 foot) for audiences greater than 100 people. Mark is 4’11”. Without a riser, those sitting at the back of larger groups will struggle to see.

3. Keep the front row as close to the riser as is possibly comfortable. This facilitates a better connection between Mark and your audience

4. If you have the choice, use two aisles and split the room into 3 sections. This prevents the gap in the middle of the room that can negatively affect energy.

5. Mark does not use a lectern. If you are using one for your emcee and it is at all possible, please move it off the stage  (or to the side) to provide Mark space on the stage.

Biography and Photo

Biography for program/website [Download PDF]
Introduction to be read before Mark goes on stage [Download the PDF]
Headshot for your digital media (Lower Resolution / Fast Download) Click to Download
Headshot for printed materials (Higher Resolution) Click to Download